Sunday 15 July 2012

Olympic Nails!

I desperately want union jack nails in time for the Olympics, but I’m not sure if I could get away with wearing that at work. So for now, I’m sporting gold nails courtsey of Tom Ford. 


Burberry Body - behind the scenes


Saturday 14 July 2012

BIG Hair

Although I have a LOT of hair, the actual strands themselves are very fine and a little limp. I’ve always been desperate to get that amazing volumized hair on nights out, but have struggled with the standard technique of hairspray and backcombing which leaves my hair tangled and flat again within the hour.

However, at a press event a few weeks ago I was talking to one of the hairdressers there and he said that the best way to get big hair is to use dry shampoo rather than hairspray, section the hair and spray like crazy then back comb like mad. Then run the hairdryer over and brush smooth.

I tried this technique with the original Batiste dry shampoo and it worked a treat. But then I saw  Batiste's big and bouncy XXL Volume dry shampoo, so I’ve tested this one out too. I didn’t even need to back comb my hair, I just sprayed a bit on the roots and gave the hair a little bit of a rub and BOOM big hair that even Cheryl would be proud of!

I don’t think that Batiste's big and bouncy XXL Volume dry shampoo works particularly well as a dry shampoo, but it is utterly amazing at giving my hair durable volume, so looks like I’ll be buying both from now on.

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