Wednesday 11 May 2016

Ljubljana Boat Ride

Slovenia is 2/3 forest, and its Capital City Ljubljana is also very green with large parks including the expansive Tivoli Park. The curving Ljubljanica River is lined with outdoor cafes and benches, perfect for a summer picnic. The river divides the City's old town from its commercial hub. The best way to view some of what the City has to offer, is by boat.


Thursday 5 May 2016

Bosnia and Herzegovina Day Trip from Dubrovnik including Medjugorje and Mostar

Whilst you're in Dubrovnik, a variety of tours are available in neighbouring countries. I opted for the Bosnia and Herzegovina Day Trip from Dubrovnik including Medjugorje and Mostar - several friends of mine had mentioned Mostar to me before I began my travels, and sending a postcard from Medjugorje to my Nan would definitely brighten up her day.

The day started pretty early, I was the first pick up at 7.10am, by the time we'd gone round to all the other hotels it was approx 8am as we headed across the main bridge in Dubrovnik and stopped for a photo opportunity.


Wednesday 4 May 2016

Beautiful Dubrovnik

Despite the terrible weather over the past few days, nothing was hiding just how beautiful Dubrovnik's Old Town is. Dubrovnik is a small City, with a population of around 40k - in 1979 it joined the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites.

The prosperity of the city was historically based on maritime trade; as the capital of the maritime Republic of Ragusa, it achieved a high level of development, particularly during the 15th and 16th centuries, as it became notable for its wealth and skilled diplomacy. [source Wiki]

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