Saturday 19 March 2016

Flaked - Netflix Original Series Review

Arrested Development is one of my favourite American TV shows - so when I logged into Netflix earlier today and saw there was a new Netflix Original Series 'Flaked' starring (and produced by) Will Arnett I didn't even need to read the bio before clicking play.

The intro into episode 1 was pretty deep... Chip (Will Arnett) is at an AA meeting, and gives us (the audience) a quick bio as to how he got to where he is today:

"I came to Venice (USA) by accident, let me rephrase that, I came to Venice because of an accident. 10 years ago I killed a man, it was my fault - there was no excuse for it. See when its left up to me - my best thinking, well, my best thinking thinks its okay to get loaded and get behind the wheel of a car and that's what I did. I took another human beings life, and in the process - destroyed what was left of mine"
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