Sunday 17 April 2011

What should I pack? Holiday essentials...

Holidays will soon be upon us… preparing your skin for holiday is of course important, but I often forget to take in to consideration what I am actually going to bring with me! Taking big bottles of shampoos and moisturisers can not only weigh down your suitcase, but also leaves you prone to risk of liquid leakage on to pretty summer dresses. Disaster! 

There isn't much relevance to this photo, but I took it in a hostel in Spain last Summer and it just really makes me laugh!!

So, here are my holiday must haves:

1. SUNSCREEN!!! I was silly enough years ago to not bring any sun cream with me, and presume I could just buy some out there at the local supermarket, but this wasn't actually the case, as I'm pale I need to use a minimum of factor 30, and abroad you can't always find this. So I'd recommend always bringing your own sunscreen especially if you know that you'll need the protection of those higher factors. Soleil Suncare Kids is enriched with Vitamin E to protect and moisturise the skin. The clever sand resistant formumla reduces sand sticking to the skin and its water resistance maintains protection even during swimming. Extracts of chamomile soothe and moisturise the skin. Dermatologically tested this photostable formula will not break down protection in sunlight. I know it is meant for kids, but I love the smell of this sunscreen and it's green so you can obviously see if you've not rubbed it all in properly! 

2. Palmer's Swivel Stick – won’t leak in your bag! To get a gorgeous even tan you need to have well moisturised skin, this pan stick is great at really targeting those dry areas such as your knees and elbows. I like to keep mine in my handbag as it simply cannot leak (also great for putting on your feet before bearing all in those flip flops!) Or just use it as an ultra nourishing lip balm!

3. Front cover eyeshadows – compact eyeshadow palette to go, just take 4 essential shades with you rather than bags full of shadows! I love this eyeshadow palette as you tailor it exactly to your needs, I like to take with me the 3 basics (a base colour, a nude and a contouring colour and one popping colour, something bright to accentuate an outfit). Even better, once you've used up your favourite eyeshadows you can just buy new ones and pop them in to the palette, gotta love a bit of eco-friendly :) 

4. Airbase foundation – I recently tried out airbase foundation which gives me a beautiful and natural looking light coverage - perfect for summer. Airbase foundation is available in 7 shades, you can also mix and match the shades to create the exact colour for you. My favourite thing about this foundation is that it contains vitamins A and E which are must haves when trying to keep your skin looking and feeling youthful. I prefer to use this make-up in the evenings, as it is made from silicone which can really stand up to high temperatures, so it lasts through the night without having to top up your makeup.

5.Holiday hair! Not all of us are lucky enough to get that wavy beach hair without a little bit of effort… well, we can all be lucky now thanks to Bumble and Bumble’s new texture (un) dressing crème. To best (un)dress hair with, start with a small amount of the product on damp hair and gradually build up the product (don’t use too much though, a little really does goes a long way). Let sit a minute, then loosen and ruffle, freehand. Apply to the roots for extra lift or use a diffuser for more volume all over. You can leave your hair like this for the beach look, or use it as a base to work in other styles, textured ponytails etc.


Wednesday 6 April 2011

Sugared Fig! – Nougat London lip balm

I really wanted to try this lip balm because it has such an unusual flavour – sugared fig! All of the Nougat range uses only the finest ingredients (none of which are tested on animals).

This balm is very fragranced, and really does smell of sweetened figs, a lovely smell for the summer. I’d definitely buy this product again as it looks great and really delivers - no more chapped lips for me!! Although, i would maybe buy it in a different flavour because there is so much more from this range that I want to try out, for more information check out :)

£6 is quite a bit to spend on a lip balm, but it comes in a very cute tin, and then the tin comes in a little presentation box which has a slide out mechanism (a bit like a match box) so that you can easily get to your lip balm in times of need!!

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