Thursday 23 June 2011

Summer Hair


Ahhh but the havoc that that can play with my skin and hair is crazy! The increased humidity can play havoc with my hair and leave it looking a little bit fuzzy and frizzy! In turn, this means I have to use my hair straighteners more... which can make my hair even drier! Madara to the rescue!

MÁDARA haircare to the rescue :) 

To combat my unruly hair I have been using the nourish and repair shampoo and conditioner which really gets deep in to the hair follicles and prevents my hair from drying and getting split ends. There are lots of different ranges of  MÁDARA hair care: gloss and vibrancy collection which is great for normal hair as it enhances the natural shine and the colour and shine collection which deeply nourishes your hair counteracting the effects of dying the hair.

MÁDARA’s hair care range is certified as organic and contains typical herbs and plants from the Baltic region, including nettle, linden flower, quince and plantain, which contain high levels of active ingredients.  

Each product in the hair care range retails at £9.90.

Blogger, Elizabeth x

Smelling lovely!

Mmm Mmm Mmm! I am smelling pretty lovely today even if I do say so myself! All thanks to...

These cute shower gels with little scrubby bits in cost just £1.99 from Tesco, so they're much cheaper than most of there rivals! My favourite is the pomegranate secret... I wasn't too sure what a pomegranate would smell like, but it is divine! It's a pretty sturdy bottle too, and not too big so it'd be great for popping in your travel bag for a few days away :)

THE POMEGRANATE SECRET Shower Wash with a little bit of scrub 175ml £1.99
THE RASPBERRY KISS Shower Wash with a little bit of scrub 175ml £1.99

Have you tried much from the Tesco beauty range?

Blogger, Elizabeth x

Sunday 19 June 2011

Wayne Rooney Hair Transplant - a good idea?

I'm sure you've all seen the photos of Wayne Rooney's hair transplant in the media this week - how painful did that look!!!! (see below!) I do understand why Rooney had this done, and he has the money to so I guess it probably was a good idea. A full head of hair certainly does make a person look more youthful. However, thinning hair isn't just a problem for men, women can suffer too - which I'd imagine would be more embarrassing as thinning/balding is seen as far more common and acceptable on men.

Give thinning hair a boost with Michael diCesare's Thickening Hair Builder (21g). To use, wash and dry your hair, then expose the area that you'd like to look thicker. Hold the container 6cm - 9cm (2" - 3") from the head and sprinkle the Hair Builder on to the area. Then brush hair back in to place.

To sum up this product, it's a great quick fix, it uses a similar principle to dry shampoo. I don't have thinning hair, but I did have very bad roots last week (my roots are a lot lighter than my dyed hair... so it can look like my hair is thinning!) this product was amazing for covering up roots between dying!! I would definitely buy this product again just for using as an in between colouring fix - and if I do ever start to get thinning hair this product is going to be a god send!

Check out QVC here as the product is on at a lower introductory price.

Wednesday 1 June 2011

Avène - summer love

I'm sure I don't have to state the importance of good sun protection for your health. It is also important to remember that keeping your skin protected from the elements is essential to maintain good skin elasticity and pigmentation.

Thank Goodness for Avène. Luxurious yet affordable, this is definitely my new must have sun protection! This sun cream is just perfect for those of us with both sensitive and very pale skin.

Unlike other very high protection sun creams, this one does not take forever to rub in, and is far less paste like than any formula I have used before. I was very pleased that having used this product I was not left with an oily/shiny body thanks to the oil regulating Cucurbita Pepo extract which left my skin with a more natural matte finish. 

Check out for more info :) 
Elizabeth xx

Now I've got the suncream sorted, time to book a holiday!!
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