Sunday 25 January 2015

Madisons Restaurant | The Washington Mayfair Hotel

Just a short walk from Green Park tube, you'll reach The Washington Mayfair Hotel in which is Madisons restaurant.


Saturday 24 January 2015


I have been having laser hair removal done since August 2014, and I have just had treatment 5 of the course of 6 that I booked. I'm really starting to see the results now, the hair is much finer that my legs never feel stubbly so I'm able to leave it several weeks between shaving.

Eat My Dust | Andaz Liverpool Street Hotel

The Penultimate Instalment of ‘Room With A View’ Debuts at Andaz Liverpool Street Hotel

My new outlook on life for 2015 is not only to kick start with a big old dollop of health, but to live a little more in terms of arts and culture. It’s always something that I want to do, but fail to make time for.

East My Dust by ILoveDust is an artistic expression said to typify the soul of the East End, oozing the character and personality that this diverse and colourful part of town emits.


Thursday 22 January 2015

Let’s go bananas!

It’s 2015, and I’m on the same health kick that I should imagine a good 50% of the country are on. Thus far I have:

- almost completed dry January (9 days to go!)
- joined the gym (and actually been)- had fruit and veg smoothies every morning for breakfast (I’ve been doing that since mid-November, definitely feeling more alert)
- cut down on the junk.

With the majority of my office being on a health kick, recipes have been shared and a great one I've picked up is banana ice-cream without as many of the bad calories.

Chop some bananas up, freeze them and blend. Et voila, ice-cream!! I had a little difficulty actually getting the frozen bananas to blitz/blend, so I added some yoghurt for moisture, and a dash of vanilla to enhance the flavour.


Monday 12 January 2015

A weekend in Brussels - Mini Break!

Good friends, beautiful city, too much chocolate, impressive moustaches...


Monday 5 January 2015

RITUALS Samurai Anti-Age Cream

I always struggle with what to get my Dad, my sisters always get him a jumper and shirt, so those ideas are always taken. This year I stuck to getting him grooming products.

Dad isn't exactly what you'd call metrosexual, he's your typical almost 60 type bloke. Thus I had to make sure what I got him wasn't too complicated! I decided on some Magnesium BetterYou Bath Flakes, and a bottle of RITUALS Samurai Anti-Aging Cream. I loved the packaging of the RITUALS moisturiser, with the wood effect lid.

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