Thursday 23 December 2010

Add a little sparkle to your Christmas! - gift ideas and inspiration

Remember being about 13 and thinking body glitter was like the best thing ever! Well re-live your youth with Barry M glitter stacking sets - I was in the big Topshop in London a few days ago and had so much fun trying out all these cute little pots, my favourite had tiny little red hearts in it (though if I put these on my face I'm pretty sure it'll resemble a tropical disease rather than look all cute and lovely!). Even still, being fully aware that I will look horrendous wearing them, I want some!!!

This isn't the actual set I tried out, I was using the pre-mixed ones, they're in a sort of jelly so you just rub it straight on to your skin and it dries almost instantly. I only tried the pots out on my hands, but ended up covered in sparkles and glitter! I think you'd have to be super careful on application for fear of looking like a child playing dress-up.

Add some sparkle to your Christmas! Barry M also do some very nice glitter nail polishes, the red one is very festive!


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