Monday 17 October 2011

Speed Weft from Windle & Moodie - Blogger Event

I'm one of the biggest beauty fad sceptics around, it's always like I'm trying to seek out faults in products to stop myself from purchasing! Due to my (overt) scepticism of everything I really do have to see it for myself before I believe it...

Introducing to you the new 'Speed Weft' from Windle & Moodie - at home hair extensions that actually work, and are undetectable to the naked eye... thicken and lengthen your hair in a matter of seconds!

I was lucky enough to go to a blogger event where we got taken through step by step how to use the product, and the history of how the product came about.  We then got to try out the hair pieces to see which colour suited us, you can also get a speed weft fringe, which I think is a brilliant idea to purchase if you've ever considered getting a fringe, this way you can see whether or not it'd suit you! 

Interestingly, if you've ever watched Pushing Daises staring Anna Friel, you'll have noticed how her hair changed a lot throughout the programme (the dream sequences etc and going back in time). Anna Friel's hairdresser on Pushing Daisies used a similar product to Speed Weft that they created especially for her so that the hair pieces could be quickly and precisely put in place.

"Made with non-human hair, the weft looks, feels and behaves like your own locks. You can apply heated tools to style your Weft up to 170C. The hair is 18 inches long and has 5 rows of hair stitched together invisibly, plus additional 2 layers of hair that drop 3 inches below the Single Row. We suggest you take your Speed Weft to your hairstylist to cut to your own style, or if you are feeling brave, you can cut it yourself."

My favourite thing about this product is that by adding these hair extensions in, you have transformed your look in a matter of seconds, it's the easiest way to get extra volume and thickness in your hair without spending hours with volumizing mouse and the blowdryer. 

For more information, or to watch the tutorials visit the Windle and Moodie site here!

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