Wednesday 8 August 2012

Braving the Big Brow

Everyone has been talking about the scouse brow, love it or hate it, big eyebrows are back. We’re not talking about the unruly wild eyebrows of the 1980’s, but shapely bold brows as seen on the catwalks of London, Milan, New York and Paris. Burberry Prorsum and Zac Posen 2012 pre-fall collection shows were packed with models sporting the fuller brow. 

Karl Lagerfeld went one step further in the brow stakes and sent his models down the runway with gorgeous thick embellished brows. 

Jeweled Eyebrows

This is a trend that is here to stay, over the past few years an array of specialist brow bars have popped up over the world. Big brows doesn’t mean unkempt, start by growing out your eyebrows, then brush the hairs in an upward direction and trim away any hairs that are too long. When you brush them back down you’ll have a more even look to your brow rather than bushier at one end.

If like many people you’ve been over tweezing your brows for years give them a little helping hand with M2 Brows Eyebrow Renewing serum which stimulates the growth of your eyebrows in just a few short weeks!

Cara Delevigne Eyebrows

For instantly thicker eyebrows try Tom Ford’s Brow sculptor which boasts a calligraphy tip, allowing you to have a tailor made stroke from thin to wide, simply remove the opposite-end cap to uncover the grooming brush and twist the cap counter clockwise to reveal the sharpener.

That being said, what suits one person may not look great on someone else and you’re the best judge of what suits your face. So maybe try pencilling in some thicker brows and trying out different styles before you full on grow them out!


  1. I can't quite get away with the big brow. On some people it looks so natural and frames the face well, but others really can't pull it off and it's a bit of a shame. :( On the other hand, bigger is far better than thin eyebrows. :)

  2. I love thicker brows - thanks for the grooming and product tips! x Kat


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