Sunday 12 October 2014

St. Ives Skincare Event - London | October 2014

I have always been a fan of St. Ives, it's a skincare brand that I know I can trust - and seems to be so gentle that it works on any skin type.

I was invited down to have a look at the new St. Ives products, and learn more about what is great for my skin both to put on it, and what to eat for certain ailments.

St Ives Skincare Candles

During the event we made own face masks, I made a lovely concoction of avocado, honey and coconut oil which is great for moisturising the skin - it smelt amaaaaazing.

Health expert Julie Montagu, who looks so young, was on hand to teach us what we should be eating for healthy skin and to keep looking young. There were plenty of healthy treats on hand during the night too...

My favourite St. Ives product is the Gentle Apricot Scrub, it's designed for sensitive skin so the beads are very finely textured. I work in London, so that feeling of London smog and grime building up on my skin throughout they way can be gently exfoliated away with this product.

St Ives Skincare Event Goody Bag

St. Ives will forever remain a staple in my skincare routine, if you've never tried it before i'd definitely recommend it, it works, smells amazing and it's very affordable - available in all Boots stores.

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