Monday 17 November 2014

Vaseline Queen Bee Competition

I love getting post, who doesn't?!

I was expecting some boots that I had ordered from ASOS, but instead I received a box of sparkles, glitter and gel pens. I haven't owned gel pens since school... this was like a blast from my hobby-craft-loving childhood past!

So, why all the crafts stuff?

Vaseline have challenged me and some other bloggers to decorate our own Queen Bee in celebration of the limited edition lip balm.

I kept my Bee pretty classic, the old black and gold stripes - why diversify from something you know works right? With some added glitz to the crown, and a border of lilac and glitter to liven up the piece.

It's hard to tell in the photo, but a whole lot of glitter was used in the making of my Bee - and no bugs/small creatures were harmed... just my carpet which is still full of sparkles.

It was actually really fun, and I think I've improved just slightly with my colouring in over the years.

Elizabeth, aged 25 and 7 months.


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