Saturday 20 December 2014

Dry January with a little help from The Arch London

Christmas isn't even here yet, and I already feel like I have seriously over done the festivities. One too many Christmas parties have led me to decide that January 2015 for me - will be a dry one.

A few of the girls from work have said they're doing dry January also, and I've found a great alternative for cocktails which should help us through. 

virgin vera cocktail the arch london

The Arch London, are launching a brand new mocktail, the ‘Virgin Vera’, priced at £6.50. The drink will be made from muddled fresh lime and raspberries, aloe vera water and guava juice served over crushed ice. The beverage will be part of a super healthy range of luxury mocktails served, which will include a blueberry & raspberry martini and a pomegranate dream.

If the magazines are anything to go by then aloe vera juice is tipped to be the next big health drink. I'm a real fan of aloe vera, especially when on holiday for my sun exposed skin, so drinking it must be a good thing. Aloe vera can help to lower cholesterol, aiding weight loss, minimise bloating and keep your immune system in good form.


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