Saturday 24 January 2015

Eat My Dust | Andaz Liverpool Street Hotel

The Penultimate Instalment of ‘Room With A View’ Debuts at Andaz Liverpool Street Hotel

My new outlook on life for 2015 is not only to kick start with a big old dollop of health, but to live a little more in terms of arts and culture. It’s always something that I want to do, but fail to make time for.

East My Dust by ILoveDust is an artistic expression said to typify the soul of the East End, oozing the character and personality that this diverse and colourful part of town emits.

Illustrated through the art of typography, the strikingly bold British blue EAST is engulfed by a red intricately designed backdrop. Together with the white wall behind the artwork, the colour combination within the creation acts as a metaphor for East London patriotic pride. The detail within East My Dust takes you on an abstract journey through Liverpool Street’s surrounding area. Specifically, the mural hones in on the unique culture and people of East London, making reference to the East-End’s iconic Cockney dialect through an unravelling leafed apple inscribed with apples and pears (stairs).

I won’t give anymore away, I’ll let the images speak for themselves.

This installation is the third in the four-part artwork series. The Final Room With A View will be created by Patrick Morgan, an internationally renowned British Artist from the Royal College of Art. who has previously worked with, Tom Ford, YSL, Stella McCartney, Vogue, The New York Times... - Patrick’s Room With A View will debut on 3rd April 2015.

I adore Patrick Morgan’s graphics and illustrations, so I am sure that this installation won't disappoint  Plus, I heard that he has previously worked with Transport for London - and I actually collect tube maps (this might seem strange, but every few months a new design comes out so I like to collect them and see the designs throughout the years).

So, if you're in London and you're into your art, and fancy booking yourself into a room with a difference, check out the Andaz Liverpool Street Hotel. 


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