Sunday 29 March 2015


Weekends were made for brunch, unicorns and nail care!


I've had a really chilled weekend, starting with some delicious flourless banana pancakes, which were super easy to make. Lightly whisk 2 eggs with a pinch of bi carb, and mash up with a fork 2-3 ripe bananas - mix together. On a medium heat cook your pancakes for a 2 minutes on either side, make sure you flip them slowly though as there is no binder apart from the tiny bit of bi carb so it can go a bit scrambled eggs like if you're not gentle.


Then the Saturday post arrived, my new Unicorn socks (adorable, with little ears!) and my new nail treatment from Nail HQ. I had a Shellac manicure done about 3 weeks ago, and I was really bad and took it off myself at home so my nails looked horrendous! 

Nail HQ is a Canadian brand, that has recently made its way across the shores to the UK. My colleagues always laugh at me when I tell him this, but I promise its a real thing, I have very oily nail beds... which means I struggle with nail varnish as rather than chipping it peels off in one go - like I'm wearing false nails. The Nail HQ Base Coat is an anti stain rubberised bonding base coat that is formulated to help nail polish stick. It is especially good for those of us that love bright polish, as it creates a rubberised barrier that helps protect against discolouration of the nails from highly pigmented shades! A real little nail saviour, you can pick this up in Superdrug for around £6.

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