Thursday 30 April 2015

Valdis Ice-Cream - Reykjavik, Iceland

Just a short stroll past the Marina (conveniently, just next to where I stayed), Valdis Ice-cream shop is amazing - I had 2 scoops, baileys and peanut butter m&m ice-cream.

Valdis Ice Cream

I wouldn't have thought that ice cream would be so popular in such a cold country, but whatever time of day I walked past there were queues (sometimes even going onto the street)

Valdis Ice Cream

I say whatever time of day I walked past, as though I only had ice-cream the once... I had it twice, and was only in Iceland for 3 days. The only reason I didn't go for 3/3 is that I'd had a huge chocolate milkshake on the 3rd day, which turned out to basically be a giant chocolate ice-cream drink with cream and chocolate brownie pieces on top and I genuinely felt quite ill from the over indulgence.

Be sure to let me know if you ever visit here, and what Ice-cream flavours you go for!

Note: for anyone who is dairy free etc, they also do frozen yoghurt and sorbets.

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