Thursday 2 July 2015

Beauty Rituals by NSpa

Created by UK Spa Experts, the Beauty Rituals collection brings spa treatments to your home in just 4 simple steps.

Of course, it is far more relaxing to be in a beauty salon and be pampered - but who has the time and the money to do that as often as you'd like? 

I found these products really easy to get along with, no big break outs like I sometimes suffer when switching up my skin routine. I didn't always use the full 4 steps, I chopped and changed dependent on my day, and whether it was the morning or the evening.

The Youthful Eye Cream really worked well with my make-up routine, creamy enough to sooth my skin, but disappeared into my skin quick enough for me to apply my make-up after a few minutes. I've only been testing this eye cream for a week, but I'm hopeful that the anti-ageing collagen-boosting peptides at least prevent me from developing fine lines. 

My star product from this range is the Hot Cloth Polish - such an affordable alternative to the Eve Lom Hot Cloth Cleanser. The texture is less balmy than the Eve Lom product, but I found it much easier to wash off my face with the muslin cloth, and still felt I was achieving a deep cleanse. The exfoliant factor of this cleanser is very mild, so you could definitely use it everyday without skin irritation, the creamy cocoa butter and sweet almond oil work together to remove your make-up without drying up your skin. This product also contains Vitamin E which we all know is a must to keep skin youthful and help to heal any minor skin irritations.

I will definitely be trying more from this range, it's excellent value and really delivers a high standard of at home beauty treatments.

Each product in this range has been designed to leave your skin radiant and glowing - which is great just in time for my holidays when I prefer to keep my make-up very minimal.

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