Saturday 19 March 2016

Flaked - Netflix Original Series Review

Arrested Development is one of my favourite American TV shows - so when I logged into Netflix earlier today and saw there was a new Netflix Original Series 'Flaked' starring (and produced by) Will Arnett I didn't even need to read the bio before clicking play.

The intro into episode 1 was pretty deep... Chip (Will Arnett) is at an AA meeting, and gives us (the audience) a quick bio as to how he got to where he is today:

"I came to Venice (USA) by accident, let me rephrase that, I came to Venice because of an accident. 10 years ago I killed a man, it was my fault - there was no excuse for it. See when its left up to me - my best thinking, well, my best thinking thinks its okay to get loaded and get behind the wheel of a car and that's what I did. I took another human beings life, and in the process - destroyed what was left of mine"
With such a dark start to episode 1, I didn't expect the series to be so easy to watch. Chip is a pretty relaxed guy (apart from the drinking issues) and spends his time hanging out with his friends Dennis and Cooler, relaxing in coffee shops, playing sports and very occasionally working in his shop.

Dennis is the more sensible of the duo, and has an underlying jealousy of Chip - despite the fact that Chip has almost no job career prospects he does very well with the women in his life - all of which are noticeably younger, and Dennis is always left alone.

It's stated via various characters that Chip is a selfless, always wanting to help others - but there a few times when his 'knight in shining armour' routine seems to slip, such as when he finds out his new friend Topher is actually a millionaire and convinces him to invest in his furniture business. Though when it comes to the crunch, Chip comes clean and doesn't sell out his friends or morals for the investment.

The main love interest in the series is a girl called London who recently moved to town and works as a waitress - of course both Dennis and Chip like her. London goes on a date with Dennis, but only seems to be asking questions about his best friend Chip. Despite it seeming like London is playing games with the boys, there is something vulnerable about her that stops her coming across as a femme fatale.
flaked netflix original series london and dennis

In episode 5 London meetings up with an old friend, who calls her 'Claire'. This is the first time that we really start to question London's intentions, and what she is doing in Venice. Then there are more scatterings throughout the series of what seem to be her calling off a wedding.

The fact that I binged watched the entire series in one day I think speaks for itself - and I don't want to give too much away, but episode 7... PLOT TWIST!

Hopefully Series 2 isn't too far away, though I may need to limit myself to 1 or 2 episodes a week next time...

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