Friday 24 June 2016

Transformulas Line Filler Review

Aged 27 myself, I'm starting to notice more fine lines appearing on my face - particularly around my eyes where the skin is thinner. I'm not at the stage of wanting to try anything too invasive - so I've been giving Transformulas Line Filler a go. Transformulas Line Filler is an anti-line and anti-ageing skincare product which aims to target, fill and erase facial lines. 

This product smooths and hydrates the skin to decrease fine lines. Thus far I've been using the product for a week (and although I've been using around my eye area, I've been careful not to use too close to my actual eyes to avoid irritation), you're meant to allow 28 days to see improvements to your skin structure, with improvements in elasticity and hydration. Once I've applied the product my skin feels more taught, so I then apply my usual SPF 50 face cream on top of this, before my foundation. 

I also used this product around my lip area, even though I don't have wrinkles here, before applying a strong lip colour - and found that it really stopped the colour from bleeding throughout the evening without the need to use a lipliner. Particularly useful for those bold colours such as purples, when you probably don't have a matching lipliner. The wand is fairly small and firm, so you can work the product into your cupids bow with ease.
I'm going to keep using this product - so check my Snapchat for updates (Liz.Holiday)
I have fairly small lips, so I really want to try the Transformulas lip volume product - have any of you tried this? 

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