Wednesday 19 January 2011

Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise

Product price: £45.00
What's in the box: Madara Dry Skincare Set contains; Madara Purifying Floral Foam Cleanser 150ml Madara Floral Water for Dry Skin 200ml Madara Deep Moisture Cream for Dry Skin 50ml.

I was sent this set to review, and am pleasantly surprised. I've always wanted to switch to using organic products but worried they'd not be as good as other brands. The only down side for me to this product was that the moisturiser smells rather like grass (A nice enough smell - maybe I was put off because I have hayfever and it reminded me of that?!) But my skin really has improved! I used the set for dry skin, because I've been a bit ill recently and my skin tends to suffer and feel dehydrated. The toner is one of the only toners I've used and not had a stinging sensation where I've got a spot or two, so I've actually been able to apply the toner correctly without wincing - must be the benefits of organic :) .

Now that my skin is better hydrated, my makeup is going on much more evenly! No patchy bits around the nose (where I had dry skin) woohooo! 
I'll definitely be buying this again (or asking for a set for my birthday) *hint hint Mummy*


  1. organic is the way of the future.... nice review.

  2. yes it's so gentle on the skin isn't it?!!

    I'll have a read of your blog :)

  3. Great review hun, sounds really good stuff, its so important to have a good base to put your makeup on. Thanks for commenting on my blog. Love yours, I've added it to follow xxx

  4. Wow! I would love to try this!!
    Thanks for the review,
    XOXO from a new follower,

  5. Thanks for this review, I've been considering organic stuff for a while too so might have to look into this xx

  6. @ all! glad you enjoyed the review, it is a really good set. I think because it's a bit more expensive that your average set that it makes for a nice gift!


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