Monday 8 August 2011

Little Miss Nails Inc!

It’s Mr Men & Little Miss 40th anniversary, so what better way to celebrate than an inspired collection from Nails Inc. . Fantastic idea, I love a bit of nostalgia, and combining it with nail varnish is even better! This limited edition collection comes in 4 splendid colours just perfect for summer/autumn:
Nails Inc Little Miss Chatterbox nail polish – a grey/brown polish, this colour is great for everyday wear, I think I'd wear this one to the office as it's so neutral that it'd go with anything :) 
Nails Inc Little Miss Splendid nail polish – a minty green nail polish (pastel), super cute colour - I'd personally wear this one more in spring/summer... but of course I want it anyway!!

Nails Inc Little Miss Sunshine nail polish – looks peachy in the bottle, but when I put it on I think it's more apricot toned, it has a slightly orange pigment to it, which is nice because it makes the colour pop just that little bit more than a normal peachy/nude varnish.
Nails Inc Little Miss Naughty nail polish -  light purple nail polish (but not pastel)... I'm pretty tempted to buy this one just because Little Miss Naughty was one of my favourite Little Miss' but I don't really wear purple often...

Overall I love this new collection, the quality as usual for Nails Inc is spot on... 2 thin coats and you've got perfect coverage that lasts. Nails Inc may be slightly more expensive than other brands, but I'm happy to pay more for better pigments that stand the test of time!

Will you be buying anything from this Nails Inc collection?


  1. this collection is so cute! i love all of the colours!

  2. aww that is so cute!!! I want the first colour!!


  3. i want the last one...

  4. Oh cute! I like all of them my fav is prob Little Miss Chatterbox and very appropriate for me lol x


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