Saturday 8 December 2012

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Ultra Sun, Ultra Protection. 

I’ve seen quite a few of these posts up over the summer months. But seeing as we can jump on a plane to anywhere, at any time of year, the importance of sunscreen is an AYR issue. With skin cancer cases in the UK on the rise, it’s imperative that sun protection is the top priority on everyone’s all year round holiday shopping list.

Being of Irish heritage myself, and known by my family as the fairest of them all, (which says something when we are all so pale that we literally glow in the sunshine) SPF 50 is an absolute must for me.  I’ve discovered ultrasun very high 50+SPF this all day formula is designer for keeping babies, children and sensitive skin types safe in the sun is a top priority. That may seem a little OTT, but even with SPF 50 on my skin can burn, so this truly is a necessity for me. I’d rather be pale now, than wrinkly in later life!!

The ultrasun Sensitive 50+ delivers very high protection (UVA 99% and UVB SPF50+) and as it contains no perfume, emulsifiers or preservatives it’s suitable in the case of sun allergies, so my skin can breathe. The formula is great it doesn’t feel greasy on my skin despite being such a high protection.

Ultrasun 50+UltraSun AfterSun

In terms of aftersun care I am usually pretty terrible and just use normal moisturiser. However, I loved the formula of ultrasun so much I think that in preparation for my next holiday I shall pop to the shops and buy ultrasun aftersun, cooling and hydrating. Which promises to provide instant relief when you’ve overdone it in the sun, moisturising and soothing any irritated skin where you might have missed a bit with the suncreen… and  it helps to prevent peeling and signs of premature ageing! Liposomal SOD (Superoxide Dismutase) in this clever formulation will activate the skin’s biological repair system and help to reduce free radical activity by 58%, even after exposure to the sun.

Hmmm… just need to book another holiday now ;)


  1. Im so pale, so this totally relates to me, great post


  2. In summer I always use the Kiehl's Sun Protection Fluid (SPF 55 I think), so yeah, I find it really important, too!



  3. I have Irish skin too, so I need all the protection I can get! These sound great xxx

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  5. Lovely post! Great blog hun!

    Come check me out!



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