Sunday 25 August 2013

Dinner at Circus | Covent Garden | London

Last week I went for dinner with my work colleagues to Circus, Covent Garden.

Circus is an innovative combination of cocktail bar and cabaret restaurant set in vibrant Covent Garden, in London's West End. The restaurant boasts a highly praised Pan Asian dinner menu, created and overseen by the revered chef Andrew Lassetter.
As evening falls, the venue springs to life and the spectacle begins as diners sip exotic punches and cocktails.  West End London is synonymous with theatre and drama, so it is fitting that Circus hosts complementary cabaret style entertainment  a the venue. The charming and mind bendingly skillful acts appear in little bursts throughout the evening to entertain and delight, and then disappear without a trace into the night.

What I thought...

Definitely a great place for dinner, it's not cheap... but that's because I'm thinking of it vs. your average dinner out. If you consider we were there for 4hrs(!!!) it doesn't seem so expensive. You're paying not just for the food, but for the whole dining experience. Expect to pay about £60-70 inc drinks - still, less than the thearte + dinner & drinks. I'd definitely recommend to friends

Crab Starter, Circus.

Circus Covent Garden Acrobatics Act

If that all seems a bit steep, just pop in for a few drinks – the bar is very close to the performance area, so you’ll still get to experience Circus. Bottles of wine are from about £15-20, so not bad at all for the West-End!

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