Tuesday 25 November 2014

Braun Face | Mini Epilator and Cleansing Brush Review

A clever little gadget indeed, combining a mini epilator - great for eyebrow tidying - with a cleansing brush. Braun Face comes complete with a makeup pouch and magnifying mirror, with built in light (handy!) which makes it great for taking on holiday with you.

I was considering buying a Clarisonic (heard great things about it from other bloggers), but this system, at under £70 from Boots, is much cheaper and has double the functionality.

The Cleansing Facial Brush is a joy to use, just pop the cleansing brush on, and flick the switch and you're ready to go. I used mine with my Kiehl's cleanser, and my face felt silky soft after the first use. I've been using it every few days for a fortnight now and I do feel like my skin is clearing up a little. Little wonder, since it works "6 times better than manual exfoliation". Braun recommend changing the brush every 3 months, so it's a pretty affordable gadget.

On to the epilator... my first thoughts were OUCH! However, once I got over the sound of the epilator itself, the pain factor wasn't really that bad! I don't have a particularly hairy face, being a blonde with fine hair, so I thought maybe that's why it wasn't hurting me too much. I've had laser hair removal on my legs and armpits, so I have quite a good pain threshold!

Due to my blondness, I got Mum to test this one - my whole family has dark hair except me so she was the perfect candidate for this! The Braun Face Epilator works 200 times faster than tweezing, and can remove hair 4 times shorter than waxing. Mum is a fan of this epilator, and especially loves the light up mirror that helps illuminate the treatment area. She says it's no more painful than waxing, and loves the fact that it's instant and doesn't leave a mess like waxing does. It is very useful for small areas like the upper lip and chin.

The Braun Facial Cleansing Brush has become a part of my skincare routine, but I think I'll let Mum keep the mini epilator.


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