Thursday 22 January 2015

Let’s go bananas!

It’s 2015, and I’m on the same health kick that I should imagine a good 50% of the country are on. Thus far I have:

- almost completed dry January (9 days to go!)
- joined the gym (and actually been)- had fruit and veg smoothies every morning for breakfast (I’ve been doing that since mid-November, definitely feeling more alert)
- cut down on the junk.

With the majority of my office being on a health kick, recipes have been shared and a great one I've picked up is banana ice-cream without as many of the bad calories.

Chop some bananas up, freeze them and blend. Et voila, ice-cream!! I had a little difficulty actually getting the frozen bananas to blitz/blend, so I added some yoghurt for moisture, and a dash of vanilla to enhance the flavour.

Taste verdict – obviously you’ll only like this if you like banana, but I thought it was great. Super creamy, and almost guilt free.

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