Monday 23 March 2015

Chefchaouen - The Beautiful Blue City of Morocco

Chefchaouen/ Chaouen (شفشاون/الشاون‎) is a Blue City in North-West Morocco, in the Rif Mountains, and is quite possibly the most magical place I have ever been.

Chefchaouen/ Chaouen (شفشاون/الشاون‎)

I had seen photos of the place on Instagram, and had to visit. I did my research, and booked a day excursion - it cost the equivalent of around £80 for the two of us, this included private car (driver, and petrol), and a tour guide upon arrival at the City. 

Our driver picked us up at 8am sharp from the hotel, and we arrived in Chefchaouen at around 11.30am, where our tour guide greeted us. I immediately felt relaxed, the City was so quiet compared to Fes - the sound of fresh water rushing down the stream and little else could be heard. 

waterfall Chefchaouen maroc

chefchaouen blue city morocco

We meandered through the beautiful blue streets, our guide even pointed out the must-have spots to snap some great photos as we heard about the history of the City, and visited some of the extremely talented local craftsmen.

Chefchaouen/ Chaouen loom textiles

We spent about an hour with our guide, and then went off for some lunch. I had tagine, and made friends with the local cats... who were also a fan of tagine! 

chicken tagine Chefchaouen maroc


We then had a few hours to ourselves, to wonder the streets some more and drink some mint tea. Our driver picked us up at the agreed time 4pm, and we headed back to Fes.

chefchaouen blue city morocco

chefchaouen blue city morocco

chefchaouen blue city morocco cat

chefchaouen blue city morocco steps

beautiful chefchaouen blue city morocco

Note: you can stay longer in Chefchaouen and agree with your driver for a later pick up time, but as it's 3-4 hours to get back to Fes, and we had an early start the next day we didn't stay too late.

My only regret? Not spending longer here! Back to Fez, before heading to Casablanca in the morning...

If you would like to book this excursion too, check out:


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