Tuesday 20 October 2015

long blonde hair problems - tame the mane

Wow you have such thick hair, you're so lucky!

I do love having thick hair, it's just quite a lot of maintenance, washing/styling/haircare in general. I have very fine hair, but a lot of it, so I can quite easily end up with a big ball of tangled blonde hair that just makes me want to chop it all off! This month I've tried some new products to tame my mane.

tangle teaser wet hair

My hairdresser used this huge version of the tangle teaser, which she explained was for wet hair - and it glided through my hair so effortlessly that I ordered one from ASOS as soon as I got home. Never looking back.

So, the shampoo i'll be replenishing - but sadly the conditioner just isn't for me.

Have any of you tried Eva NYC products? How did you get on with them?

The Tangle Teaser for wet hair (God send!). This thing has been saving me at least 5 minutes every time I wash my hair. Over a lifetime, that's gotta add up to at least a few days of my life. I've used tangle teasers before, and felt a bit 'meh' about them - they felt more like they were just brushing the surface of my hair, rather than working on the knots.

I'm also trialling Eva NYC Shampoo and conditioner, I've only tried this a handful of times so far, but I feel like the shampoo has really cleansed my hair of any built up residue from various serums, conditioning treatments etc. The conditioner however, 'Soften up Conditioner' really doesn't work too well on my hair, I find it to be a very runny consistency that doesn't sit well on my hair, and doesn't help at all to untangle it. 

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