Monday 8 February 2016

Beauty Bargain: Detox Pamper Pack from ASOS

January Detox? With the best will in the World... that never happened. Hello February, and a Detox we can all partake in, a beauty one! The Detox Pamper Pack from ASOS is currently on mark-down, at just £6.

The 4 sachets all have really cute designs, are all a pretty generous size too, apart from the hair mask (I have thick long hair) there was enough for 2 people to use each of these.

ASOS Detox Pamper Pack

Cucumber and Aloe Vera Face Mask - a classic, but a goody. I used this mask the morning after a really heavy night out, the cooling cucumber made me feel human again and as the Aloe Vera helped to sooth my skin.

Aromatherapy Intensive Foot Cream - this certainly was intense, I think I perhaps put too much on at first as it took quite a while to all soak into my feet! Verdict? Worth the slippery feet for a half hour to leave my skin feeling soft-soft-soft.

Jojoba Revitalising Leave-In Hair Mask - ahhmazing. I rarely treat my hair, and as a (somewhat fake) blonde, I really should take a lot more care over it! Jojoba is amazing for your hair, it's oil forms a really thin waxy coating on each indiviual hair shaft to protect it from the elements and drying out. 

Wild Rose Revitalising Eye Pads
- I actually used these little guys when I had bad sinisitus, the only thing that seems to releave the pain for me is cooling eyemasks so I was so relieved that I had these guys chilling in the fridge.

ASOS Beauty currently have quite a few lines on 30% off for Valentine's Day so there are plenty more bargains to be had!


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