Monday 31 January 2011

Unusual gift ideas

I've never known life without the internet, as such I cannot imagine what it would be like to buy presents without it! Of course physically going to the shops is great fun too. However going to the shops can sometimes (especially during the festive period or sales time) feel like you are searching for a needle in a haystack. That is why I love finding new websites where I can buy little gifts that aren't necessarily available in the shops. 

This vintage style necklace with polka dot bow and heart locket is available here. The heart is a little locket and actually opens up with room for a photo, now you've just got to decide who the lucky person is who gets to be inside your locket! It's only £10 and came packaged in a cute little pink net bag :). IKandi will be continuing to update the website so keep an eye out.

Other bargains on the site include clutch bags at £20 (I've seen similar ones in the shops for about £40 so this seems a real steal!): 

Another website I've recently discovered is bedcrumb. Have a browse of the site yourself and you'll see the cute quirky designs. I have one of the bedcrumb brooches (see below, cute aren't they!), at first I wasn't sure how to wear it, as having a soft cotton brooch is really quite unusual but it looks great on knitwear or pinned to a bag.

A real hate of mine is paying £4/5 for a mass produced card... that's why I love bedcrumb cards, they're hand finished and range from around £2.75 - £3.25 check them out here!

Oh, and did I mention, shipping is free to the UK with any bedcrumb product. Perfect!

Do you prefer shopping online or instore?

Blogger, Elizabeth xx


  1. Lovely blog honey!! Glad I came here:)
    hey plz check out & follow my new site-
    Hope you like it:)
    I'm following you:)

  2. I'm weak to any kind of shopping, but paying postage and making sure I'm there for the post man is the worst part.
    However, at least you miss out the heavy lifting of shopping bags..


  3. @Rakhshanda I'm following you back!

    @Katie Reed I know what you mean, I don't like paying postage but a lot of the time now the postage is free or pretty low so saves on bus/train fare :) x

  4. thank you for these nice inspirations , very nice ! :)
    please take a look at my blog and write a comment ..:)

  5. Such a cute necklace! :)

  6. Wow, great ideas! I particulary like the clutch bag. Seriously LOVING your blog x

  7. Hi :) thanks for sharing your monthly favourite products in your comment! Did you get anything from MAC's wonder woman collex?

  8. @Jennifer nope it's not out here until mid Feb do I gotta wait! :( I think I'll get a lipstick and something else though :)

  9. Aww I love the kittie brooch :-) Those things would probably look great on denim and handbags.

  10. This tops the unusual gift ideas list I had in mind. The red clutch bag is super cool!

  11. Your collection about unusual gifts collection was pretty unique. I liked it and gonna use it on my sister's birthday.

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