Saturday 17 May 2014

A wonderful birthday spent in Brighton

Happy Birthday to ME!

I spent a lovely bank holiday weekend in Brighton with old pals from University, soaking up the sunshine, getting rather sunburnt (whoops!) and generally having a great time.

I was doing this trip on a tight budget, and spent the night in a 16 bed dorm, which wasn’t as bad as it sounds. There was me and 3 friends, some very quiet girls, a few guys over from Germany on an internship and a stag party - the tamest stag party ever.
In a way, staying somewhere that wasn’t luxury was the best way to see Brighton it meant that we didn’t spend any time in the room. Dropped the bags off, and went straight to the beach!

Brighton Beach

The next morning however, after a rather restless night due to much snoring from very drunk people in the room (yes ok, my sleep was probably also affected by my alcohol consumption, but it was my birthday after all) I was feeling less than rested. Thankfully I'd packed some Radox shower gel. My shower gel of choice is the new Radox passion fruit splash gel, it's only about £2 but it's amazing and is packed full of natural ingredients and smells like sunshine! It's incredible what a shower and a burst of the smell of passionfruit can do for the mind. I felt revitalised, and off we went for some breakfast, and spent the rest of the day hanging out on the beach, at the arcades on the pier and catching up on old times.

Passion Fruit Radox

I'll definitely be visiting Brighton again soon, would highly recommend!


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