Wednesday 7 May 2014

Anti-Ageing Beauty Treatments, Destination Skin Clinic Knightsbridge

Ageing - I have never been more worried about the process than when I turned 25 yesterday. 25, how did that even happen?! It’s true what they say, you may age on the outside, but you don’t feel any different in yourself!

For my birthday I went to the Destination Skin Clinic in Knightsbridge for a skin treatment. My skin therapist Tia was absolutely fantastic, I wasn’t sure what treatment I wanted, so she sat me down and we did a full skin consultation and went through the different treatment types available and we decided on a prescription facial which would tackle my dehydrated skin. My skin tends not to be too dry, but I had visited Brighton over the weekend and managed to get quite bad sunburn on my face (despite having been wearing factor 30) so my skin was feeing rather delicate and dry.

Destination Skin Clinic, Knightsbridge
Destination Skin Clinic, Knightsbridge

Tia was great, she talked me through all the steps and explained the different ingredients in the cleansers, exfoliators and masks, and even took some photos for me during the treatment so that I could post them up on my blog.

The treatment itself started with a deep cleanse of my face to remove any makeup and London smog. Step two, an exfoliant, was applied which smelt delicious and contained passionfruit which helped to break down my dead skin cells. Next, serum was applied to my skin and massaged in to improve the circulation. A firming mask containing banana potassium was then applied to help tone and firm my skin, illuminating any fine lines I had from dehydration. To finish with, a selection of products were applied to my skin to leave me looking dewy.

Sunburn on full display
Sunburn on full display
After my treatment Tia applied some mineral foundation to my skin so that I could travel home on the underground without having that pink post facial tint to my skin, a really thoughtful touch. I was also given some samples of a Vitamin C booster to help with my sensitive undamaged skin from the overexposure at the weekend.

mineral foundation
Overexposed picture, but this is with some mineral foundation applied
Destination Skin clinics offer a host of different prescription facials, priced at around £50, which help hydrate, soothe, and correct any imperfections on the skin. I was recommended a course of 3 prescription facials for the best results. If you buy a course of treatments, regardless of treatment, there is usually a pretty good discount.

This is my skin the next day, before applying make-up, the redness has definitely settled. I know I'm going to peel a little, as my sunburn was pretty deep, but I'm very relieved that I no longer look like a tomato!


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