Sunday 30 August 2015

Happiness in a box #EmergencyHappiness

The last few weeks have been pretty grim weather wise, constant showers and soggy shoes.

I was really excited to come home from work one day and find a parcel with my name on it and a big #EmergencyHappiness hashtag.

What was inside the emergency happiness box?...

A tea break - a wooden treasure chest filled with tea fow two and shortbread (my colleagues loved this!)

A lucky bag - a lotto ticket (alas I did not win), a lucky penny, and eternal happiness dust to remind you that every cloud has a silver lining

A fixer-upper bag - this contained plasters to heal you when you're hurting, sunflower seeds to spread natural happiness, a rubber to erase silly mistakes and a paperclip to keep you organised

A support bag - this had a slate heart inside with the words You Rock in chalk, a notebook and pen to write down happy thoughts, bubbles (I presume because everybody loves bubbles) and sweets.

A relief bag - this contained a stress-ball for those times when work/life is just getting a bit too much.

This may all seem pretty random, but the parcel was sent by Viking so that is why the strong stationery element. I really enjoyed all the little elements to the package, and you could make something similar and send it to your friends for not too much money.

Everybody loves post, so why not spread a little happiness?

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