Saturday, 23 April 2016

Moma Bulgarian Food & Wine, Sofia - Review

Moma Bulgarian Food & Wine is currently rated the #2 Restaurant in Sofia - and with it being just a 15 minute walk from my hotel I decided to go there for dinner.

Moma Restaurant's concept is to combine a delightful culinary experience with authentic recipes as a nod to times past. The modern interior blends the beauty and purity of the Bulgarian maidens of yore, as seen through the various photos, indulgent embroidery and overall décor.

"The colours of the interior are traditional for the lifestyle of Bulgarian women of the olden days: white – symbolising the purity of maidens, red – symbolising the blood of the mother and the power of the fertile soil, green – symbolising the eternal rebirth and revival, golden – symbolising the Sun, the light and prosperity."

Moma is a really nice place, with a very relaxed vibe and great staff. Located right in the centre of Sofia it's easy to have a dinner here then pop out for a few drinks at a bar after, or simply relax on the terrace after your meal.

The portions are pretty healthy, I had a chicken dish which had 2 large pieces of meat with plenty of peppers and onions - this dish was approximately £4. I'm still astounded by the fantastic value for money in Bulgarian restaurants.

If you enjoy white wine I would recommend the Maxima Vitner Select - a Bulgarian 
Chardonnay Viognier which was priced at 35lev (approx £15) and tasted almost of caramel!

If you're a food lover - you must visit Bulgaria!

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