Monday 22 November 2010

Ah! May! Zing! - A quick little grumpy post

My obsession with Strictly Come Dancing seems to slowly be turning me into Craig Revel Horwood. Could be worse, at least I'm not turning into Brucey!

I adore the OTT makeup on the show, but I have one pet hate

PATSY KENSIT'S EYELASHES. They make her look all gammy-eyed and are very distracting from the dance.

Watch the first 10seconds of that clip and you'll see what I mean, they resemble Venus Flytraps whacking shut.

Patsy would be better off using individual false eyelashes and slowly building them up for a more natural look. The strip-lash doesn't suit all eyes as we have different sized and shaped eyes, if they're not sitting correctly on you it could be that you need to trim the strip down (always cut from what would be the inner corner).

Rant over, I can't wait for next week's show :)

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