Wednesday 3 November 2010

Because Winter HATES YOUR FACE

I saw this advert and I had to think wow, over the top much?!
Rather than starting a hate campaign to stop Winter from being oh so unnecessarily abusive to your face I will instead tell you why it is so important to moisturise all year round.

You may be thinking, but I have oily skin, adding moisturiser in to the equation is surely a recipe for disaster? Wrong! By not using a moisturiser your skin has been over compensating and producing more oil. Invest in a good lightweight matte finish moisturiser such as Dermologica's Active Moist Lotion with ingredients such as lemon and burdock this moisturiser will help to balance out your skin's natural oil levels, at around £20 see it as an investment in to your long-term skin health.

For those of you with dry skin who are not already moisturising, shame on you. Next time you're in the chemists grab yourself a Simple Kind to Skin Replenishing Rich Moisturiser at less than £4 It would be rude not to! Within a few days enjoy your newly soft and healthy looking skin.

I have the dreaded (and most common type of skin) combination! My moisturiser of choice is the well known Simple - Hydrating Light Moisturiser, at less than £2 a bottle it is most definitely a beauty bargain. I use it religiously - fabulous as a base to any make-up it will give your foundation a much more even appearance even on a bad skin day. My foundation has an SPF in it already (MAC's studio sculpt), however on the rare occasions that I do venture outside without any make-up on I always wear a more intensive moisturiser that contains an SPF. I am currently using No7's Protect and Perfect Day Cream, It's priced at £20.50 but is currently on 3for2 in store.

Reep the rewards now - and thank me later. Not only will your have a much healthier glow from the offset but in years to come you will be benefiting from having protected your skin from sun and wind damage.

Remember, NEVER use a body moisturiser or a perfumed moisturiser on your face - these intensive creams are not meant for your face, and the perfumes will just irritate the delicate skin around your eyes.

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