Friday 18 March 2011

Belle De Jour

Have you been watching any of the new Secret Diary of a Call Girl? Billie Piper looks incredible! Clothes, hair and make-up to die for!

Billie really does carry off every look with ease, from a nude lip and curls to big tousled hair and bright lips! I've no idea how long Billie spends in hair and make-up to become Belle De Jour... but I'm pretty sure I don't have the same amount of time and/or skills so need to find some fab products to make getting that amazing shiny hair and flawless make-up a little bit easier!

My favourite hairbrush for getting lots of volume is my Fekkai Large Round Brush (£46). The round brush provides you with maximum styling control while blow-drying, I also find that the brush is a really nice weight to work with (very important for me as I’ve got a lot of thick hair so blow drying can take quite some time!) Each Fekkai brush is handmade in France to Frederic's specifications, it's uniquely designed handle of European olive wood offers a comfortable, non-slip grip that controls hair static for smooth, straight hair.
Although I love adding volume to the roots of my hair, I can’t really get away with having curly or wavy hair as mine is too thick, so instead I like sleek ends. To obtain silky shiny hair I like to use the Straight Away Shampoo by Tara Smith, which has quite possibly the best slogan ever “Tested on film stars not on animals” I don’t know what film stars they might be, but it’s definitely a catchy slogan! The shampoo contains Ginkgo Biloba which has long been taken internally for anti stress, so it must be doing my scalp some calming too, combined with marine algae extract which moisturises and conditions dry and damaged hair to make it much more manageable. 

Now for the killer lips, a glamorous fabulous red
. Private Red Lip Stick by Du Wop features an innovative formula which adapts to your lips and transforms into a variety of red hues (it really does, this was quite hard to test, I had to put lipstick on just half my lips, then do the other half ten minutes later for comparison!). It contains naturally derived pigment for long-lasting colour, and vitamin E for a silky smooth finish. You can buy this magical lipstick from QVC beauty

If you’ve not got the time to spend so long getting ready every day, why not try the ultimate cheat Silica-OK. It’s a pill that is meant to improve your skin, hair and nails. I’ve started taking it over the past fortnight but according to the packet I’ll really start to notice the difference after four-eight weeks – yay, can’t wait to have strong nails!
Silica-OK contains a balanced combination of organic silica which provides silica and nine other nutrients in a single tablet which help maintain the structure of nails.  Silica is found in connective tissues, cartilage and skin, where it strengthens collagen and elastin fibres and contributes to tissue elasticity. Zinc and vitamin B6 boosts keratin, which is an important component of hair, skin and nails. B-complex vitamins encourage healthy cell function while Vitamins C, E, beta-carotene and the trace minerals selenium and zinc are antioxidants, which protect against premature skin ageing.

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