Thursday 10 March 2011

A little bit of lovely

I just started a PR work placement so I've been a little busy the last week, but here are some of my recent favourites:

Laura Geller 
Baked to Go Balance & Brighten has to have the cutest packaging ever! It’s quite hard to explain what it’s like, but to put it crudely, when you untwist the lid there is a bouncy mechanism that rubs the product onto the applicator – genius! I also wasn’t at all worried about the hygiene of this as the product seals fully and I always use it over my foundation anyway! It’s actually marketed as a foundation/colour corrective powder in it’s own right – but I use mine as a bronzer because I’m very pale and i often find it tricky to find a shade that gives my skin warmth without looking false. Oh, and there is a little mirror on the lid too, a must have for any handbag! I’ve not seen this stocked anywhere in the highstreet, but you can buy it online at QVC for under £20!

A guilty pleasure of mine definitely has to be watching trashy TV. I was watching Snog, Marry, Avoid a few days ago (please forgive me!) and, being an eyebrow lover, I have to say Jenny Frost does have amazing brows! Her secret? Well… apart from eyebrow maintenance… she swears by the "The HD eye&brow palette saying that it is “one of my must have items for my beauty bag, I can use the colours for my eyes and brows to create a day or night-time look". If it’s good enough for the Frost, it’s good enough for me! I picked one up and have to admit – the palette offers a great variety of colours and the brushes included are really great, you can get a soft look or a really precise line to your eye and brows. Be warned however, the (rather large) mirror is VERY good – avoid at all costs if hungover, you can literally see every pore!

Oh, did I say I’m an eyebrow lover… I got some new tweezers! Aren’t they just adorable? I dropped my last tweezerman and damaged the tip :(, I know they can be sent off to be fixed, and I probably will do that because it’s always good to have spares, but I just couldn’t go for too long without a pair! Tweezerman IS the Godfather of all tweezers! These graffiti slanted tweezers grab every tiny hair just like regular tweezerman, only difference being the cute writing/graffiti, they certainly brighten up my make-up bag :). If you've never tried them before, I'd definitely say invest - a good pair of tweezers will serve you well, and if cared for, last you for years to come.



  1. Thanks for the info on the brow palette - have you ever had your eyebrows threaded? Am considering, but slightly scared!

    Kate (

  2. Thanks Kate, yes I've had my eyebrows threaded once before I didn't find it painful at all! It hurts less than tweezing in my opinion - I think because it's over so quickly! x

  3. Hmm maybe I'll give it a go then - thanks! :-)

    Kate (


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