Thursday 23 June 2011

Summer Hair


Ahhh but the havoc that that can play with my skin and hair is crazy! The increased humidity can play havoc with my hair and leave it looking a little bit fuzzy and frizzy! In turn, this means I have to use my hair straighteners more... which can make my hair even drier! Madara to the rescue!

MÁDARA haircare to the rescue :) 

To combat my unruly hair I have been using the nourish and repair shampoo and conditioner which really gets deep in to the hair follicles and prevents my hair from drying and getting split ends. There are lots of different ranges of  MÁDARA hair care: gloss and vibrancy collection which is great for normal hair as it enhances the natural shine and the colour and shine collection which deeply nourishes your hair counteracting the effects of dying the hair.

MÁDARA’s hair care range is certified as organic and contains typical herbs and plants from the Baltic region, including nettle, linden flower, quince and plantain, which contain high levels of active ingredients.  

Each product in the hair care range retails at £9.90.

Blogger, Elizabeth x


  1. I am glad your hair is good with this.

    I love having swishy hair that feels good too

  2. It seems nice product. I personally use L'Oreal total repair shampoo. Can this better to that.


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