Sunday 19 June 2011

Wayne Rooney Hair Transplant - a good idea?

I'm sure you've all seen the photos of Wayne Rooney's hair transplant in the media this week - how painful did that look!!!! (see below!) I do understand why Rooney had this done, and he has the money to so I guess it probably was a good idea. A full head of hair certainly does make a person look more youthful. However, thinning hair isn't just a problem for men, women can suffer too - which I'd imagine would be more embarrassing as thinning/balding is seen as far more common and acceptable on men.

Give thinning hair a boost with Michael diCesare's Thickening Hair Builder (21g). To use, wash and dry your hair, then expose the area that you'd like to look thicker. Hold the container 6cm - 9cm (2" - 3") from the head and sprinkle the Hair Builder on to the area. Then brush hair back in to place.

To sum up this product, it's a great quick fix, it uses a similar principle to dry shampoo. I don't have thinning hair, but I did have very bad roots last week (my roots are a lot lighter than my dyed hair... so it can look like my hair is thinning!) this product was amazing for covering up roots between dying!! I would definitely buy this product again just for using as an in between colouring fix - and if I do ever start to get thinning hair this product is going to be a god send!

Check out QVC here as the product is on at a lower introductory price.

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    Hair Transplantation is the best option to get new hair and good hair this time that is very big problem depilação loss and unwanted hair.


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