Wednesday 29 April 2015

art classes - The Art Academy Friday mix

I recently took a series of evening classes called 'Friday Mix' at The Art Academy in Borough High Street, East London. 

art class london the art academy friday mix

art class london the art academy friday mix

art class london the art academy friday mix

art class london the art academy friday mix

I really enjoyed the classes, we spent a week or 2 having a go at the basics of several techniques including sculpture, print making, painting and collage. These photos were all taken at the 'work in progress' stage, but you get the idea.

The class intake I think was meant to be up to 15 students, however some weeks only 3 or 4 students were there, and one of the weeks it was just me! 

It was nice to have smaller classes, as it meant you could ask a lot more questions about the actual techniques used, but it did make the life drawing classes a little more awkward...


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