Thursday 5 May 2016

Bosnia and Herzegovina Day Trip from Dubrovnik including Medjugorje and Mostar

Whilst you're in Dubrovnik, a variety of tours are available in neighbouring countries. I opted for the Bosnia and Herzegovina Day Trip from Dubrovnik including Medjugorje and Mostar - several friends of mine had mentioned Mostar to me before I began my travels, and sending a postcard from Medjugorje to my Nan would definitely brighten up her day.

The day started pretty early, I was the first pick up at 7.10am, by the time we'd gone round to all the other hotels it was approx 8am as we headed across the main bridge in Dubrovnik and stopped for a photo opportunity.

We then made our way to Medjugorje. Medjugorje is a place of Catholic pilgrimage (since 1981 when six local children claimed they saw the Blessed Virgin Mary), and a very bustling tourist destination included on the itinerary of may trips as it is just 16 miles from Mostar. Mass was in progress whilst we were here, so I didn't go inside the Church - instead I went to some of the shops nearby and bought some souvenirs and sent a postcard to my Nan. If you're wanting to send a postcard home, the post office is a few minutes walk to the left of the Church (as you're facing it).

Back on the mini bus and off we went to Mostar - our tour guide greeted us and gave us a 45min/1hr tour of the City, and explained some of the history and significance of that famous bridge. Mostar was full of shops, market stalls and museums. Top tip - a narrow staircase leads up to the Koski Mehmed-Pasha Mosque’s minaret for panoramic city views, which would be just glorious in the sunshine.

We then had almost 2 hours to ourselves, I went for lunch with one of the fellow tourists in a little restaurant just next to the Old Bridge. I had a local meat dish, with chips, salad and a fanta - my whole meal with tip came to less than £7. Worth noting... if you're in a rush to make it back to your tour bus on time - service is slow, I think it's more just a relaxed way of life. The restaurants are used to tourists with buses to catch, so don't be nervous to let the staff know as they will accommodate when possible or suggest dishes that are quicker to prepare.

Before heading back to Dubrovnik we had a quick stop at Počitelj (Pocitelj), during the Middle Ages Počitelj was considered the administrative centre and centre of governance of Dubrava župa (county), while its westernmost point gave it major strategic importance. It is thought that the town was built in 1383. The walled town of Počitelj evolved in the period from the 16th to the 18th centuries. Architecturally, the stone-constructed parts of the town are a fortified complex, in which two stages of evolution are evident: medieval, and Ottoman. [Source Wiki]

I was back at my hotel just before 7pm - a pretty long day (having been travelling the entire day before), and I went straight to bed!

You might start to notice a theme to my travels so far... IT WAS RAINING - so my photos probably won't look as beautiful as when you Google these places, but I've no regrets for going on the trip. I'll just be sure to pack an umbrella, and some warm clothes for my next day trip.

The trip cost around £45 (well worth it for a full day of travel - covering a huge distance, and a tour guide once you reach Mostar). All you need to pay for during the day is for food and any souvenirs you might want. It's worth noting, that very few restaurants accept credit card in Mostar. The currency in Bosnia and Herzegovina is BAM (Bosnian Mark) - however, many of the shops, restaurants and supermarkets will also accept Euro or Czech Krona so there is no need to change up to BAM if you're just there for a day.

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