Thursday 17 February 2011

Care for your feet!

We spend a lot of time caring for our hands and painting our nails... rightly so as they're on display everyday... But what about our feet? If feet could talk I bet they'd want us to give them some well deserved attention! After all, we are pretty reliant on them.

Pampered Toes are made by the same people who brought us the Ped Egg:

Pampered Toes are designed to fit any shoe size - they're quite squidgy but still feel sturdy (a bit softer than those jelly shoes you might have had as a kid). After a long day on your feet you simply pop off your shoes and socks, and place on your pampered toes, the product is designed to stretch out those cramped toes and refresh your tired tootsies. Although this isn't exactly what the product was designed for... I must admit I also used mine when painting my toe nails... it's so much better than using a foam toe separator as your feet feel secure and comfy too!

Now, to paint those nails...

This range was created by the award winning celebrity nail technician Andrea Fulerton. Some of the products in this range were previously only available to nail art professionals, but have now been made accessible to the masses. Yay! Check out the website here and have a browse for yourself! 

Have you tried out anything from this range?


  1. Yeah I usually take care of my hands and forget about my legs,too bad.I haven't tried anything from this range yet,but looks very nice!

  2. This range looks really nice, will check out the nail art, thanks :)

    Laura x

  3. Super Blog :D

    hugh serah

  4. the range is cute


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