Monday 28 February 2011


I had never tried any ELF products before – but have seen them on a lot of other people’s blogs and wanted to try some out for myself!

I do believe you should invest in quality make-up brushes, but sometimes the price doesn’t exactly match the quality! I was unsure what the ELF brushes would be like as they’re so cheap compared with my other brushes. I tried two brushes from the bamboo range (more expensive than the other £1.50 ELF brushes but still very good value).

The Bamboo angled blush brush is priced at just £5.50 and really does feel very good quality. The brush is soft enough to feel kind to your skin and allow the blush to sweep across your cheeks, but firm enough to keep its structure. I like to use this brush for face contouring as the angle is great for getting in just below the cheek bones!

I also got the bamboo lip brush, it is also priced at £5.50 – overall a very good little brush, it keeps its shape whilst you’re applying your lipstick which is a must for any lip brush or you’ll look like you put your make-up on in the dark!!!

Another plus point to this range is that the brushes are made from antibacterial Taklon bristles and the bamboo is from a sustainable source – so no need to feel guilty about anything!


  1. Cool. So if they are made from anti bacterial bristles, I wonder if that means they dont need to be cleaned as often? Would love that!

    Aesthetic Lounge

  2. I've never tried them either..
    I'm just like you- you have to invest in your brushes....

    But since it's so darn cheap, why wouldn't i just give it a try hu?


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