Thursday 10 February 2011

Simples! - Guest post from Fran

Ok, so the weather is STILL cold, your bank account is still scarily empty, the novelty of that gym membership malarkey has already worn off, you REALLY want that new WonderWoman range of MAC make-up, AND your skin has decided to become  mind bogglingly dry, flaky and simply dreadful.

Well, I may not have the ultimate cure, but for someone who has struggled with dry skin as a result of that irritatingly non-curable skin pest known as eczema, I have tried, literally hundreds of different moisturisers and can definitely suggest a few ideas.

My FAVOURITE at the moment, which can be used on any type of dry skin whether it’s only slightly flaky, or a full blown eczema rage, is the Simple Derma range. I have the hand cream, the face cream, the body cream, the lot. I’m keen to try the shower gel too, as it is so difficult to come across bathroom products which don’t result in my skin getting annoyed and angry at me. The Simple Derma range is not expensive at all; it relieves skin from that horrible itchy feeling and has long lasting effects on keeping that dryness away, without feeling heavy or making your skin appear oily.

The Intensive Relief Hand cream, which is especially good for dry, chapped hands in this weather, was only £2.99 in the chemist opposite my office, (Bargain!) and just over £4 in Boots. Very effective after washing hands, and doesn’t leave your hands feeling sticky or greasy at all. The Intensive Relief Face and Body Cream is equally as cheap at just over £2 for 50ml in Boots. Can be applied as regularly as one likes, and I find it a great base before putting my foundation on in the morning, as it stops all those dry bits from poking through your make–up halfway through the day.

The basic Simple range is obviously still one of my favourites, and these face wipes are great, especially when you’ve had a long, tiring day, as they are also suitable for eye make-up. One quick wipe and you’ve cleansed, toned and freshened up your skin without messing about with 10 different bottles of different coloured liquids. Leave your extensive and time consuming skincare routine till the weekend to avoid drying out your skin even more with too many products.   

Under £5 for a packet of 25 in Superdrug, they are frequently on offer at various places, where it’s good to stock up!

For great skin, use Simple Derma… Simples! For more information on the Derma range, click here.

This post was written by Fran, check out her lovely blog here :) !!


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