Wednesday 23 February 2011

Skinny for Summer - A cheat's guide

Well, it's no quick fix, and not exactly cheating... as you still have to put the time in, just not  the hours slogging away at the gym!

I like to call these magic pants! But the actual name is... Bio-Fir High Waisted Massage 
Bermuda Anti-Cellulite. Pants that make you thin and comfy? Yes please!  

The Scala range has proven results, with 80% of women who tried the range seeing a reduction in inches around the waist and a reduction in cellulite. The only down side to these were that I got quite hot in them - luckily you can wash them as many times as you like and they still work because Scala's anti cellulite properties are woven into the fabric.

Apply your fatgirlslim cream twice a day to 'get rid of junk in the trunk, jelly-belly, back-of-the-arm jiggle or any other unwanted wiggle. Clinical studies have shown that:

87% saw a firming effect
85% felt a slimming effect
73% noticed a reduction in the appearance of cellulite

I've only tried mine out a couple of times, so I can only tell you what the cream feels like. It's very runny, but in a nice way it's almost a cross between to a body oil and a moisturiser, so you can really massage it in to your skin.  Definitely a must have a few weeks before holidaying for a bit of a body/confidence boost!

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