Tuesday 8 February 2011

COSMO Smokey Eye Brush Set - Review

The smokey eyed look suits all skin types, eye shapes and eye colours. The great thing about smokey eyes is that you can have a strong smokey eye, a soft smokey eye, and use any colours you wish to. Of course the classic look is a grey-black smokey eye... but the look can be just as flattering with other colours.

A lot of smokey eye sets come with eyeshadows in them, but realistically (if you're anything like me) you probably already have all the eyeshadows you need! So why not just invest in the correct tools to create the look instead?

I like the Cosmo smokey eye brushes - they do exactly what they say on the packet and because they're pretty cheap they're ideal for your make-up bag. This trio of brushes costs £5.95 and is available in Tesco and Superdrug :)

How to create the classic smokey eyed look:

1. Using the smokey eyes base brush apply a light coloured matt shadow all over the eyelid and up to your eyebrow.

2. Using the smokey eyes base brush apply a dark eye shadow on your eyelid and blend upwards, gently pressing the colour onto your eyelids to intensify the colour, then softly brush the shadow to finish just above your natural socket line, blending well with your brush for a soft graduation in colour. Sweep along your lower lash line to add a hint of colour.

3. Apply eyeliner close to the lash line and smudge into the roots of your lashes with the smokey eyes smudger.

4. Take the smokey eyes angled blender with a darker toned eye shadow, sweep along both the upper and lower lid line to bring out the colour of your eyes. You can dampen the brush with water to increase the depth of colour. Use smokey eyes smudger to soften the edges to complete the Smokey eye look.

Et Voila!!! Beautiful eyes :) 


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