Tuesday 7 December 2010

Bad Hair Day.

So, I've got my graduation on Thursday...

Book gown - check.
Buy dress - check.
Book hairdressers - check.
Agree to have blue and purple put in hair - wait what?!!

By now I really should have learnt my lesson. Whenever I go to the Vidal Sassoon training academy I always book in to the classic cuts salon... yet I've never had my hair cut there! Every time I go they see my massive head of Irish hair and send me straight down to the creative cuts salon where I'm always too polite to say no to any suggestions they make. 

Luckily the coloured sections are hidden amongst the rest of the hair (chocolate brown - actually very nice) but the section they're hidden under is my rather gigantic and in-MY-face asymmetric sweeping side fringe. It is a nice cut, but really not my style - and now graduation is every looming I'm desperately trying to find ways to make my hair look more classical for my photo. Seeing as this photo is going to be donning my parents walls from now on and haunting me for the rest of my existence! Saying that - I love a bargain, and the colour was only £18 and the cut was free (and the hairdresser was lovely)

Tomorrow I'm off to find a quick fix for graduation hair - and then to embrace my new haircut... or try and grow it out. Hmmm...

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