Monday 20 December 2010

Christmas Nails! - great little stocking fillers

Sorry for the lack of blog yesterday! My internet went down until about 11pm and I was too sleepy to write by then... but I did do lots of nail colour swatches :) ... Because, every Christmas outfit needs great nails! (I've use two layers of varnish on each nail so you can see the difference between the brands and colours).

ASOS nail varnish in Olivia, yes it's a very bright colour, but it goes on so evenly and is a rich orange rather than a brassy one so still looks great. D'Awwwww look it even has a little bow on it!

I can't remember seeing anyone wearing such black nails since the emo kids at school. However, I bought this one at halloween (Star Gazer 129) , I can't remember from where exactly (sorry!) but it was very cheap! I paid £1-2 for it, and for that money you'd think it'd be awful, but really it's quite good. The brush keeps its shape so applying the colour evenly is easy. Only problem I had was - I was in a bit of a rush when I used this one and I didn't put an undercoat on, my nails were stained for a week!!! GRIM.

Star Gazer

Boots always seem to be giving away those £5 No7 vouchers, I usually buy a nail varnish with it... that way you're getting a good quality varnish for a couple of quid. I love this one, Oyster 50, it's great for everyday wear, a little bit mumsy perhaps but goes with almost anything!


My Barry M bottle was a little camera shy! Every photo I tried to take was out of focus and this was the best I could manage.  A gorgeous varnish, NP 292, it has a little sparkle to it - just enough so as not to look tacky... but allowing for a slight shimmer in the light. Beeaaaautiful.

Barry M

A pink nail varnish is an essential! This one is by Rimmel, 331 Speed Dating, it claims on the bottle to last up to 10 days - I've never managed to keep it looking good that long, even with a top coat. Not the easiest of varnishes to apply but it does dry quite quickly!


I was really disappointed when I bought this Bourjois So Laque! Bleu Violet 31, it's really gloopy and almost impossible to apply. A very pretty colour and bottle - just a shame I can't wear it :( (though I never learn and keep trying it again!)


If you hadn't guessed by the shape of the bottle this one is by OPI - the colour is so rich that I can't actually read the black etching on the bottle! The colour is a very deep purple and looks great with vintage wear. Just be careful when applying as with this one being so dark messy application is amplified!!


Which one is your favourite?


  1. The No7 Oyster looks pretty :)

    Cool blog btw, just found it today


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