Wednesday 22 December 2010

Be warm this Christmas!

I feel like I spend half of my time over the festive period taking on and off different layers of clothing. So I was very pleased when I got sent a Haramaki - I tested it out on a freezing cold day in London this week. 

The haramaki is a Japanese garment worn for health and well-being. This modern version is double layered and super comfy to ensure you stay nice and toasty! "Keeping the abdominal organs warm helps the body distribute warmth and energy all-round. Circulation is improved, so even hands and feet feel warmer."

The Haramaki also claims that it can, aid digestion, ease menstrual cramps, give support during and post-pregnancy and soothe common abdominal ailments... I'm not sure about all of these but it certainly is warm and comes in a wide range of colours so you should be able to find one to suit! I also like the fact that it just looks like you've got another top on under rather than obviously being some sort of thermal old lady vest. Be careful when deciding what size to get, I had the medium one and it was huge! The fabric is super stretchy so I'd imagine that the medium would fit most people.

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