Friday 17 December 2010

Gorgeous Nails - Stocking fillers

Mr and Mrs Claus
Somewhere Very Cold

Dear Santa,

I'm not a nail biter... honest! Yet I can never seem to grow my nails to any sort of length. So please could I have some more of these lovely Cosmo nails for Christmas?

These please Santa!
I'm not too sure if you make them in your toy factory or not, but if you don't perhaps you'd have time to pop to Superdrug before then to pick me up some more? They come in such lovely colours but my favourite are the ones pictured, Secret Rendezvous. Instant nails without the hassle of all the maintenance, or the cost of going to a salon to have them done - fantastic! I bet Mrs Claus would like a pair too - would go well with the Santa Suit!

Beauty Grooves nails (sorry for the shadow!)

I also like the beauty grooves range - the nails are quite a bit shorter so they're really practical and once they're on you really don't notice they're there (until someone says Ohhh nice nails!). I was pleasantly surprised how well they lasted - I only lost one little gem and managed to reapply it with some of the nail glue.

I'll be sure to leave you out a mince pie and some carrots for the reindeer.

Love, Elizabeth


  1. if you get this product, I'd like to see a review (nail stuff in general). Normally I wear my own natural nails, but really like fake nails for special occasions, but find them way irritating to wear.

  2. Hi - I've tried the cosmo nails before, but I tried the blue ones, surprisingly good! I had to file some of them down a little to fit more comfortably because I don't have super wide thumbs! But they're strong enough to withstand a fair bit of filing before you stick them on!
    Those are my red ones, but I'm saving them to wear with a new dress I just bought. I'll be sure to add some pics when I do!

    Oh also, this week I'm doing a fair new nail product reviews, varnishes, nailrock and possibly false nails if I find the time :)

    Thanks for your comments!

  3. Cute


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